Abstract Painting

Some examples of abstract paintings generated by our visitors.

What is it all about ?

The artworks that you can see on this website have not been painted by hand, but they are created by an artificial intelligence trained by a machine learning process using real modern art images.

Each artwork is unique

The artworks presented on this website as well as those you can generate yourself are unique. No two paintings are alike.

How does it work ?

The images generation is based on a learning process consisting of two competing neural networks called generative adversarial network (GAN), invented by Ian J. Goodfellow and his team in 2014 and improved more recently by Nvidia researchers.

How does this website work ?

The images on this website are created using Nvidia's generative adversarial network in real time as you load the page and are then selected, sorted and classified by our visitors. It is a collaborative work in which everyone participates. Making this website known is therefore the best way to bring your stone to the edifice.

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Delighted visitors

Some testimonials from our amazing community. Share yours with us !

Really impressive

This site is very impressive... I don't understand how it all works!

By Fred


These artworks are very nice. I would like to learn how to create this kind of paintings.

By Nico.

It's crazy !!

I have a lot of ideas about what it would be possible to do with that ! How do I get started ?

By Randy